Personal Statement

As a full-time studio clay artist, my work is constantly evolving. I strive for continual development of ‘process’and experimentation by constantly pushing the limits of clay. I am a self-taught clay artist. This has given methe freedom to test all boundaries, make up my own rules and explore new ways to make my visions realities. With the help of my artist husband, talented professionals and friends, I have designed my own raku kilns and necessary tools to create, handle and fire my pieces to achieve the desired results. My personal style of “Raku firing’ feels well suited for my life-sized animal and bird sculptures. My education is in biology and my love of all things feathered and furred drives my creative spirit. Much of my inspiration comes from my volunteer work with the Bird Treatment and Learning Center and International Wildlife Rescuers. I am certified as a rehabilitator and educator with both raptors and marine mammals. I’ve had the privilege of raising sea otters, and musk oxen. Each week I care for sick and injured wild birds. Gus, a non-releasable Great Horned Owl is under my care full time and will live with me the rest of his life under USFW special permitting through Bird TLC. We enjoy educating the general public and school children about the important role Gus’s relatives play in the natural and man made world in which we live. Introducing a beautiful wild bird in person amplifies the importance of protecting our wild life. My art is an extension of my heart and all the living beings that occupy its walls. My work can be found in private collections around the country, including the Pratt Museum in Homer and the Jacques Cousteau Foundation in Santa Barbara, California.

Percent for Art Experience

Nordale Elementary School Fairbanks, Alaska May 2006
~ ‘Migration’ is the title of the project located in a large stairwell and used 3 walls that are 30 feet tall. I worked with the committee on the final design, which ended up being a bit different than the original proposal. The stairwell was on a corner,with wonderful light coming in from windows on two of the 4 walls. I created life-sized flocks of Canada Geese, Northern Pintails and Sandhill Cranes which appeared to fly in through one window and around the room and out again. A flock of life-sized Sandhill Cranes were taking flight up the stair

Su Valley High School Talkeetna, Alaska December 2010
~ “The Chase is ON!” Commons area installation. Large 3 dimensional ravens and magpies hung from cables from 25 foot ceilings. Ravens and Magpies are chasing in front of a wall of windows. This installation is very playful. Both Ravens and Magpies are realistic and larger than life. The birds’ hand sculpted bodies are hung from their polished steel wings.

Percent for art Alaska

VA Hospital, Anchorage Alaska April 2010
~ ‘Inspiration in Flight’ is the title of this large body of work. I am the only artist featured in the large atrium entrance to this new hospital. For this space I chose Sandhill Cranes. A flock of eight 3-diminsional 6 foot long cranes with wingspans of almost 8 feet soar through the atrium from cables attached to steel beams 40 feet high. Instead of dominating the space, they seem to open it up, bringing the outdoors inside. These birds can all be seen from every angle, depending on where you are viewing them.



Jocelyn Young, Curator of Public Art
MOA – Economic and Community Development
632 West 6th Avenue, Suite 603
Anchorage, AK 99501
(907) 343-6473 office (907) 249-7631 FAX

Georgia Blue
2 Friends Gallery
Anchorage, Alaska

Scott D Kelter
Activation Program Manager
VA Hospital
Anchorage, Alaska
(907) 257-7464









Community Activities, Contributions, Awards and Exhibits

·• 2011-‘Who has lived here?’ Pratt Museum, Homer, Alaska  Dr. Van Tilburg’s
presentation, Undersea History, is a continuation of the Pratt Museum’s year-long
initiative centered on the archaeology and history of Katchemak Bay

• 2011- Artist in Residence-Denali National Park. One of three artist chosen from over 200 submissions to live inside the park in a cabin on the Tolklat River for 10 days during the summer of 2011. Work reflecting the experience will be on permanent display.

• 2010 All Alaska Juried Show

• 2009 Earth Fire and Fiber Juried show ~ 2 pieces accepted, 1 piece received honorable mention.

• June 2009 – 50 Artists Celebrating Alaska’s 50 years – International Gallery June 2009

• June 2008/2009 – Botanical Garden invitational show…Gala and featured artists exhibit

• June 2009 – ‘Skin Sisters’ Friends of Fran Reed…about 10 artist celebrate the influences of Fran Reed’s instruction in the use of fish hides by bringing aspects they learned from her into their work. Bunnell Art Center, Homer, Alaska

• May 2008 – Solo Exhibit at Bunnell Street Gallery in Homer, AK

• November/December 2007 – Solo Exhibit at the University of Alaska campus in Kenai, Alaska 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009,2010– ‘Masters of Mud’ organize and jury in conjunction with the Anchorage Museum. Innovative clay artists from around the state come to Anchorage for a weekend at the museum to show case, sell and demonstrate their work. Also invited is an inspirational guest clay artist, author or curator from outside Alaska.

• August 2004 – Solo Exhibit @ The Bunnell Street Gallery, Homer, AK. Their mission is to nurture and present innovative art of exceptional quality in all media for diverse audiences.

• April 2004 – Solo Exhibit, Grant Hall, Alaska Pacific University Anchorage, AK

• 2003 – 2009 ‘Earth, Fire and Fiber Show’ and ‘All Alaska Juried Show’ Alaska statewide exhibit highlights clay, metal, glass and fiber mediums. Juried by out of state guest curator. 1-3 of my pieces have been selected each year


Art Related Community Activities, Contributions, Awards and Exhibits

• Mayor’s Arts Award -jury – since 2008

• Governor’s Arts Awards, selected guest artist 2009 and 2011

• Board of Directors Anchorage Historic Properties-since 2005

• Advisor to Board of Directors – Bird Treatment and Learning Center 2010

• Board of Directors for Bunnell Street Art Center, Homer Alaska 2008-2010

• Board of Directors for Anchorage Cultural Council 2004-2009 We work to support artists, advocate for the Arts and help foster opportunities for artists, both visual and performance. We introduced the ‘Art Matters’ slogan and logo to promote public awareness of the importance of art in schools.

• 2005~Guest artist/teacher at the Girdwood Fine Art Camp for children ages 6-18. Alaska State Council on the Arts chose work from my class to hang in the state capitol for a full year. The legislative body asked that it remain a 2nd year because it reminded them and the public of the importance of exposing children to art and different mediums.

• Annual contributions to the major fundraising events for: Anchorage Museum of History and Art, The Pratt Museum (Homer and Bunnell Street (Homer), Bird Treatment and Learning Center, Hospice, Catholic Social Services, Anchorage Historic Properties, Natural History Museum and Alaska Moving Image Preservation Association.

• ‘Wild Salmon on Parade’ ~ I have been a participating artist 3 years 2002, 2003, and 2004. Twice in collaboration with other artists and once as an individual. “Queen of Kings’ won the Best of Show award in 2002.

• 2000-2002 – President of the Anchorage Clay Art Guild

• 2005-2006 Kenai Visitor’s Center invitational show participant

• 1994-2003– founding committee ‘Empty Bowl Project’ benefiting Bean’s Café sponsored by the Anchorage Clay Art Guild

Not listed are private party commissions. I regularly work with individuals to design work for homes, businesses and lodges throughout Alaska.